RINO Debate Recap

RINO Debate Recap

My short take away from last night

Main Stage
Trump: Magnetic charisma and has smarts when it comes to finances and foreign policy.
Cruz: He should be the next president of this country. Simply stunning.
Carson: An intelligent, gentle man in an ungentle time.
Rand: Finally came out of his shell a bit last night.  His biggest failing is not summarizing his points into bite size form.  He actually shown the best in his foreign policy segment.
Jeb: Showed some fight, but very stilted and underwhelming.
Carly: Very subdued until the second half.  She needs to cut loose of her script.
Rubio: He is very polished and is positioning to be Jeb 2.0.
Kasich: He was off his meds last night.

At the Kiddie Table
Jindal: Won that debate with his consistent attacks on Christie.
Christie: Survived with a magnanimous tone, but will not be prime time again.
Huckles: Is a great extemporaneous speaker, but he is a beauty queen at a UFC match.  This is an election of substance, and the Huckles just doesnt bring it, even though he is the single best example of Frank Underwood on stage and he’s a big govt RINO, I like him.  But you are supposed to like Frank.
Santorum: You poor desperate little man.

The Redheaded Step Children
Graham: I have a hard time deciding if it was the phone meltdown, the ISIS meltdown, the Trump meltdown, or the immigrant meltdown that did him in, but it was one of those.  He gets the runner up prize for second best impression of Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood behind Huckles.
Pataki: Someone finally realized that its only supposed to be Republicans on stage, and got Pataki down.

For an excellent take away, see Jonah Goldberg’s piece at National Review, who had the best comments on the crazy Kasich,

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