Clinton Presidential Ads

We will be publishing a list of Rinos who are running for election to various offices in the coming weeks, however it seemed good right now to share something with our readers about the presidential race.

Hilary Clinton has spent a lot of money running attack ads against Donald Trump in recent weeks, and at Rino List we have noticed she is using quite a few Democrats and Rinos in her ads, claiming these people are conservative Republicans. It seems she believes that the average Republican is so stupid that you will be impressed by hearing from Rinos such as Senator Susan Collins, (Rino from Maine) or General Michael Hayden (NSA & CIA) who thinks it is OK for the NSA to wire tap American’s private telephone conversations without a warrant, which is how he testified before congress when he said that the NSA didn’t need to follow the laws of Congress because he worked for the Executive branch, or Miss Gillian Turner who worked for the National Security Council under President Obama, which somehow makes her a Republican, or Max Boot who works for The Council For Foreign Relations, a so called non-partisan organization who’s board of directors is a who’s who of liberals from such places as Google and PBS, Republican organizations for sure, or Charles Krauthammer a so-called conservative commentator on Fox News, who hasn’t met a Rino he doesn’t like. After Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, Krauthammer claimed that Obama would moderate in his political positions like Bill Clinton did after he was elected president. Krauthammer insisted that Obama was not a Socialist. It was not until early in 2016, eight years later that Krauthammer finally admited that Obama was a leftist Socialist. So hey, if Krauthammer says that Trump is a loose cannon, you better get on board with him, after all Dr. Krauthammer is an intellectual, and we all know that such men know better than we do about difficult to understand concepts like honesty, and integrity.

Our advice to our readers in this time of election turmoil, is to remember you can always tell when Hillary Clinton is lying to you, her lips move. And you can trust all of the commentators on CNN (The most trusted name in news.) and Fox News (Fair and balanced), and I have some swamp land in Florida for sale, real cheap.

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