Lewis Beeler Jr., author of RINO List 2012 and creator of RINOList.org, is asking Republicans to vote against certain GOP members come next Tuesday.  In his explosive new book, Mr. Beeler actually gives a Conservative reason to vote for the Democrats in Ohio, Kentucky, and more!  RINO List 2014 is an indictment against greedy, corrupt, and Progressive Republicans who are ruining the Grand Old Party.  It includes a list of ten big shots betraying the voters along with a list of ten bottom feeders who are constantly vying to get fill their pockets at the expense of their constituents’ Constitutional Freedoms.  There is a satirical retelling of a fictional Karl Rove accident mocking that good old RINO who lied about Hilliary Clinton.  The book is available only in eBook format, and available exclusively on Amazon.  You can purchase a copy for only $0.99, or free with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Program.  Please head over to Amazon and purchase your copy of RINO List 2014 right now!

This latest instalment comes after much encouragement from D.C.’s own Ken “The Exceptional One” McClenton who can be heard on his The Exceptional Conservative Show radio broadcast every Monday thru Thursday from 9pm to 11pm on Blogtalkradio.  Lewis and Ken share a concern for Conservative politics as well as a deep passion for their faith in Jesus Christ.  Lewis is finishing his PhD in New Testament Theology from Piedmont International University, and is starting work on his dissertation topic which will be focused on the persecution of the early Christian church during the time of the Emperor Domitian.  He is doing all this while also ministering as a missionary to Ecuador, South American with his parents, Lew and Janice Beeler, and their ministry, Good News Missions Society, which Lewis Jr. is the president of.


If you would like to contact Mr. Beeler, please send requests to:

Lewis Beeler Jr.

1053 Quakenbush Rd.

Snow Camp, NC 27349

To schedule an interview or just shoot the breeze discussing our horrible leadership in Washington, please contact him at:

(336) 588-1874

[email protected]



To donate online to Good News Mission Society, please view:



To see Ken “The Exceptional One” McClenton’s Exceptional website, please view it here:


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