At RINO List we believe we have a responsibility to post positive stories from time to time to encourage our readers. Not everything is bad in our world, and we appreciate those people who are doing good things for others. Here is one such story. Lewis & Janice Beeler are Baptist missionaries in the country […]

Clinton Presidential Ads

We will be publishing a list of Rinos who are running for election to various offices in the coming weeks, however it seemed good right now to share something with our readers about the presidential race. Hilary Clinton has spent a lot of money running attack ads against Donald Trump in recent weeks, and at […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lewis Beeler Jr., author of RINO List 2012 and creator of RINOList.org, is asking Republicans to vote against certain GOP members come next Tuesday.  In his explosive new book, Mr. Beeler actually gives a Conservative reason to vote for the Democrats in Ohio, Kentucky, and more!  RINO List 2014 is an indictment […]

RINO Debate Recap

RINO Debate Recap My short take away from last night Main Stage Trump: Magnetic charisma and has smarts when it comes to finances and foreign policy. Cruz: He should be the next president of this country. Simply stunning. Carson: An intelligent, gentle man in an ungentle time. Rand: Finally came out of his shell a […]