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John McCain

Sen. John McCain AZ

John McCain has become the epitome of what it means to be a Republican in Name Only.

John helped to create the Gang of 14 which did not help to solve the on-going problems in the Senate’s rules for the confirmation of judges.  Major portions of McCain-Feingold were struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional.  McCain-Feingold was supposed to keep the lobbyist money out of politics, but was ultimately problematic for McCain as he had 83 lobbyists that worked in his Presidential CampaignMcCain even chided Conservative Justice Alito.   Supported liberal Senator Ted Kennedy and President Bush’s failed Immigration Policy.  Voted for the extremely unpopular TARP Bailouts, though now claims he was misled.  McCain’s openness for rewriting the 14th amendment is even more clownish than his immigration reform bill.  John McCain even “entertained” the notion to leave the party, as well as join the DEMOCRAT John Kerry’s Presidential Ticket at the VP Candidate.  Byron York of National Review, names McCain a Reverse RINO stating that John:

he stays away from the Republican name but embraces party principles.

Sadly, Mr. York’s analysis cannot stand up to the fact that McCain’s Conservative rating is in the toliet. Check it out from Captain’s Quarters:

John McCain did not make enough votes to get a rating in 2007, spending a great deal of time campaigning for the presidency. His lifetime NJ composite rating is a 71.8 conservative score, not bad but not exactly leading-edge. Chuck Hagel got a 71.5 and Sam Brownback an 81, for comparison. However, the last several years shows a much lower rating than the lifetime score:

2006 – 56.7
2005 – 59.2
2004 – 51.7

McCain’s Numbers at the Club for Growth’s Congressional Scorecard come in at 100% Conservative Score in 2009, but a deplorable 54% in 2008 (See the Scorecard here!).  The late Robert Novak’s doubtful appraisal of McCain takes a more accurate look than Mr. York at the lack of McCain’s Conservative thinking and ideology.


Now for some of the best moments of RINO McCain on video

How about this one

Or this

Here is McCain Banning MMA

Here he is doubling down against the Bush Tax Cuts (and here saying that they are necessary before they expired) [USNews]

Now for the funny!  (The Daily Show player is having some difficulties loading, try a page refresh if it does not come up)

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Let’s All Stand on John McCain’s Lawn
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Don’t forget the snort worthy, but ultimately brilliant response by Paris Hilton to McCain’s attack ad that included a jibe at her and Britney Spears.

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