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The iconic abbreviation RINO, stands for Republican In Name Only. It is a term used to describe a politician who is a member of the Republican party, but either by deception or through compromise does not hold to Republican ideals. The Biblical phrase “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” succinctly describes a RINO.

The RINO List was a concept that came about by the inspirational ideas associated with the Tea Party Movement. The concept became a reality when Lewis Beeler Jr. and his brother William Beeler launched

Reduced spending, smaller government, lower taxes, and responsible leadership are ideas that our nation and the Grand Old Party (GOP) were founded upon and a return to those ideals are desperately needed today in the Republican Party.

Simply put, exists to return purity to the Republican Party!

The so called moderates who stand for nothing, and the liberals who stand for big intrusive government, and the godless socialists who think they know what’s best for us all until they kill us all, can go join the Democrat Party.

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