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Socialists in the Republican party?

Not many people in America are comfortable with using the term “Socialist” when referring to a fellow America. I believe this is a cultural taboo left over from the cold war of the 1950′s and 60′s. Communists were busy in the 50′s attacking any American who spoke against communism in the US and marketing their evil intentions as a peaceful alternative to capitalism. The crucifixion of Eugene McCarthy by the US Senate, and his suspicious death at the age of 48, was the reward he received for trying to expose communism in our government and I believe a great propaganda victory for communists in America. As a result of this and other communist activities, it has been difficult to speak publicly against communism my entire life without being regarded as a political kook.

Both Democrats and Republicans shun anyone who uses the dreaded “C or S” words. Sadly the communist/socialist movement is given a free pass in America by most conservatives even though this movement is perhaps the greatest enemy our country has ever had. Socialism has been tearing apart the fabric of our society for a hundred years, destroying our faith in God, our family structure, our educational system, our economic prosperity and our system of government, all the while we treat men who are socialists/communists as if they are our friends.

Socialists have once again created a new marketing campaign. They are no longer calling themselves communists or socialists, they now prefer to be known as “progressives”. A more palatable term for the same old godless evil. Evil that inhabits both sides of the political spectrum in America. As conservative Americans we should be more discerning than we are. We should recognize that a person’s political beliefs are defined by what that person says and does, not by which political party they belong to. Conservatives must recognize that there ARE socialists within the Republican party and within our government. People who claim to be conservatives, but say and do the very things that a socialist does. People who hate America and seek to destroy our way of life.

When I was a boy I remember my Dad telling me that, “if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, IT PROBABLY IS A DUCK!

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.


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