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Tea Party endorses Hayworth over RINO McCain

This week, fellow Tea Party Patriots came together to endorse J. D. Hayworth for the Republican Party’s nomination to the Senate. This endorsement follows a long line of prominent public groups and persons who have endorsed and campaigned for J. D. That list includes Sheriff Joe.

The Wanted Sheriff WANTS J.D., not the “liberal McCain.” The endorsement comes as Rasmussen’s latest poll shows J. D. down by 20 pts. We are waiting on a new poll taken after the Tea Party endorsement. RINO McCain has made it to number one status on our Top Ten RINOs for his long history of flirting with Conservatives, but taking home Progressives. He is even joining his fellow RINO, Lindsey Grahamnesty, in opening disscussion on amending the 14th Amendment!

Arizonians, join the Tea Party Movement and the bravest Sheriff in America, and support J. D. on the 24th. Also, keep an eye on’s Campaign HQ as we are working on an interactive US election map and a live chat on the 24th for the election.

Hopefully, we will get to watch together the Arizona Miracle!

  • Terry Tannery

    I think the “T” Party endorsement of JD is long over due…. Although I have allot of admiration for John McCain as a true American Hero, he let himself become a professional politician. Then he started hanging out with the likes of Ted Kennedy, so he started acting like him…. Birds of a feather flock together John, you forgot where you came from and now its time for you to move on… JD Hayworth will bring a new style of conservative leadership that has been missing in the republican party since the days of the great one Ronald Reagan. Arizona, Wake up time is running out, it is time to endorse someone with balls who will fix Arizona and not playcate to the left…. Good by John!

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