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August 24th Primary Breakdown!

Here is a breakdown of tomorrow’s Republican primary elections. We have 5 states voting: Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Vermont,  and a run-off in Oklahoma.  Leave your thoughts on the various candidates in the comments section.  Don’t forget to be here tomorrow for our LIVE Chat starting at 8 am at our Election HQ.  Just go to our Front page and click on our Election HQ, and join the Election Watch!

Note: the Candidates listed are just the Repubs, if you would like a full list of candidates running please see the sources links.



Gerald L. Heikes
Merica Hlatcu
Sam Little
Sean R. Parnell
Ralph E. Samuels
Bill Walker

Lt. Governor

Edward A. Burke Jr.
Bob Lupo
Jay Ramras
Mead Treadwell


U.S. Senate

Joseph Miller
Lisa Murkowski

House of Representatives At-Large

John Cox
Sheldon Fisher
Donald Young

Sources: State Offices at, Congressional Offices at



Janice Kay Brewer
Matthew Jette
Buz Mills

Attorney General

Andrew P. Thomas
Thomas C. Horne

Secretary of State

Ken R. Bennett

Corporation Commissioner

Gary L. Pierce
Barry Wong
Brenda Burns


U.S. Senate

Jim Deakin
John Hayworth
John McCain

House of Representative by District

U.S. House 1 Bradley Beauchamp
U.S. House 1 Russell Bowers
U.S. House 1 Paul Gosar
U.S. House 1 Sydney Hay
U.S. House 1 Joe Jaraczewski
U.S. House 1 Jon Jensen
U.S. House 1 Steve Mehta
U.S. House 1 Thomas Zaleski
U.S. House 2 Charles Black
U.S. House 2 Trent Franks
U.S. House 3 Bob Branch
U.S. House 3 Sam Crump
U.S. House 3 Pamela Gorman
U.S. House 3 LeAnn Hull
U.S. House 3 Steven Moak
U.S. House 3 Paulina Morris
U.S. House 3 Vernon Parker
U.S. House 3 Ben Quayle
U.S. House 3 Jim Waring
U.S. House 3 Ed Winkler
U.S. House 4 Janet Contreras
U.S. House 4 Joe Penalosa
U.S. House 5 Susan Bitter Smith
U.S. House 5 Lee Gentry
U.S. House 5 Chris Salvino
U.S. House 5 David Schweikert
U.S. House 5 Mark Spinks
U.S. House 5 Jim Ward
U.S. House 6 Jeff Flake
U.S. House 6 Jeff Smith
U.S. House 7 Christoper Flowers
U.S. House 7 Ruth McClung
U.S. House 7 Terry Myers
U.S. House 7 Joseph Sweeney
U.S. House 7 Robert Wilson
U.S. House 8 Andy Goss
U.S. House 8 Jesse Kelly
U.S. House 8 Brian Miller
U.S. House 8 Jonathan Paton
U.S. House 8 Jay Quick

Sources: State Offices at, National Offices at



Mike McCalister
Bill McCollum
Rick Scott

Attorney General

Holly Benson
Pam Bondi
Jeff D. Kottkamp


U.S. Senate

William Escoffery, III
William Kogut
Marco Rubio

House of Representatives by District

U.S. House 1 Jeff Miller
U.S. House 2 Charles Hendry
U.S. House 2 Ron McNeil
U.S. House 2 Barbara Olschner
U.S. House 2 David Scholl
U.S. House 2 Steve Southerland
U.S. House 3 Dean Black
U.S. House 3 Chris Nwasike
U.S. House 3 Michael Yost
U.S. House 4 Ander Crenshaw
U.S. House 5 Richard Nugent
U.S. House 5 Jason Sager
U.S. House 6 Donald Browning
U.S. House 6 Clifford Stearns
U.S. House 7 John Mica
U.S. House 8 Ross Bieling
U.S. House 8 Daniel Fanelli
U.S. House 8 Kurt Kelly
U.S. House 8 William Long
U.S. House 8 Bruce O’Donoghue
U.S. House 8 Patricia Sullivan
U.S. House 8 Daniel Webster
U.S. House 9 Gus Bilirakis
U.S. House 10 C. W. Bill Young
U.S. House 11 Eddie Adams
U.S. House 11 Tony Buntyn
U.S. House 11 Thomas Castellano
U.S. House 11 Mike Prendergast
U.S. House 12 John Lindsey
U.S. House 12 Dennis Ross
U.S. House 13 Don Baldauf
U.S. House 13 Vern Buchanan
U.S. House 14 Connie Mack
U.S. House 15 Bill Posey
U.S. House 16 Tom Rooney
U.S. House 18 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
U.S. House 19 Joseph Budd
U.S. House 20 Karen Harrington
U.S. House 20 Robert Lowry
U.S. House 20 Donna Milo
U.S. House 21 Mario Diaz-Balart

Sources: State Offices at, National Offices at



Brian Dubie

Lt. Governor

Phillip B. Scott
Mark Snelling

Attorney General

Aaron M. Toscano

Secretary of State

Jason Gibbs
Chris Roy


U.S. Senate Len Britton

U.S. House At-Large Paul Beaudry
U.S. House At-Large John Mitchell
U.S. House At-Large Keith Stern

Sources: State Offices at, National Offices at

Oklahoma Run-off

U.S. House Representative

District 2
Daniel Edmonds
Charles Thompson

District 5
Kevin Calvey
James Lankford

Insurance Commissioner

John Doak
John P. Crawford

State Senator

District 44
Ralph Shortey
James Davenport

State Representative

District 27
Josh Cockroft
Richard Bennett

District 100
Elise Hall
David Looby

Source [PDF]:

  • Tim

    I don’t know where you got your info, but Eddie Adams Jr of Florida Congressional District 11/ TampaBay has NEVER been called a RHINO. He was a keynote speaker @ the 1st Tea Party in Tampa and has been to DC events several times. He is a “5star” candidate @Freedom Works too. Learn more about eddie here.

  • donjuan

    Tim, the post does NOT call Eddie a RINO. The post is for all the candidates that are running in those races. has endorsed J.D. Hayworth in the primary against McCain, and Hayworth is mentioned above. Some of the names listed above are RINOs, but not all.

  • Fran912

    The top of the page says ‘Official RINO List’ I think you need to clarify because Thomas Castellano, District 11, is no RINO either.

  • donjuan

    The top of the page is our logo. Please go to the About page because the About Page is our clarification.

  • donjuan

    Also Fran, Please go the Homepage, which there is a link below the Logo, and checkout the Official RINO List on the Left hand side of the page. We have a drop down menu system to search for RINOs. Im pretty sure that Castellano is NOT in there. The reason that he is on this page is because he is running tomorrow in a Primary. We wanted to list ALL the primary candidates and let the folks discuss which ones were RINOs. Thanks for your visit!

  • Jason

    Jeff Smith in Arizona is a huge RINO. He opposes a bill where Jeff Flake proposed to reduce payroll taxes on small businesses. He has attacked Flake on wasteful spending stating that it “only accounts for 1% of the budget”. That is all we need is another guy who claims to be a conservative.

  • Wilma Prosser

    Jason Sager is THE ONLY Conservative on the ticket in CD5 – FL

  • Mel

    Jeff Smith District 6 in Arizona is NOT a RINO either. Jeff Flake is definitely a RINO.

  • Mel

    @Jason – Jeff Flake is against sb1070 He was absent for the cap & trade bill. He believes in the “carbon credits” scam for the fictitious “Climate Change”.

  • donjuan


    Thanks for the update.

    I’ll do a study on Flake as soon as I can. Would be neat to see what more I can find out. Any links would be appreciated.

    Rock on!

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