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Lisa Murkowski, RINO in Alaska

Murkowski voted for SCHIP. Her response to the Majority of Americans who don’t want Obamacare was:

Repealing this is not the answer in my opinion, because if you just repeal and you do nothing, we will not have addressed health care reform.

The Tea Party in Alaska backs Murkowski’s Conservative 2010 Primary Opponent Joe Miller. On August 24th, Alaska should vote for Joe Miller, a true Conservative backed by Conservatives.  I can see another retired RINO from my window!

  • T. McGrath

    Sen. Lisa Murkowski voted with the Democrats to override Bush’s veto of the MediCare bill (H.R. 6331, 110th Session of Congress) that extended and expanded Medicare coverage for various programs and revises regulations regarding Medicare fee-for-service programs. (Roll Call Vote Number 177, 110th Session of Congress)

    Sen. Murkowski also voted with the Democrats against adopting an admendment to S Amdt 1373 to HR 2892 (110th Session of Congress) that requires the 700 miles of reinforced fencing along the Mexico border, authorized under existing law, be completed by no later than December 31, 2010. (Roll Call Vote Number 220, 111th Session of Congress)

    Sen. Murkowski has been given a rating of 33% by U.S. Border Control ( which gives her a mixed record on border and immigration issues, with a leaning toward open borders.

    * 0%-30%: open-border stance (approx. 197 members)
    * 30%-70%: mixed record on open borders (approx. 70 members)
    * 70%-100%: sealed-border stance (approx. 202 members)

    Sen. Murskowski is part of the problem. She is a political opportunist who has already voted to increase our taxes, voted to increase the size of the federal government, and does not want the unconstitutional Health Care Reform Act repealed. Her voting record demonstrates she is more at home voting with liberal Democrats than conservative Republicans. Sen. Murkowski is not fiscally responsible. Alaska can do better.

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  • TrueHawk

    Murkowski ties with Mike Castle and Charlie Crist for being The Cry Baby of the Year. These sore losers pretend the Tea Party movement is just some strange temporary aberration and it could not really be possible that they themselves were not actually chosen or wanted by the majority of voters in their state. Castle will not endorse O’Donnell. Crist dropped out of the Republican primary when he knew he’d lose and ran as an independent. Now nobody likes him. Murkowsski is making a fool of herself with her sore loser attitude running as a write-in candidate. For awhile it appeared that Rick Lazio would be a sore loser after losing the Republican primary in New York for governor. But finally he stepped back instead of staying on the ballot with the Conservative party there. By stepping back, Lazio showed the class that is lacking in Castle, Crist, and Murkowski.

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